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TechWriter Days / 1
1st International Tech Writer Conference
5-6 April 2024. Moscow
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    October 25-26, 2024
    Moscow, Russia
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    November 22-23, 2024
    Moscow, Russia
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    March 28-29, 2025
    Saint Petersburg, Russia
  • About the conference

    About the Conference

    The 1st International Conference for Technical Writers – «TechWriter Days» will be held in Moscow (Russia) on April 5-6, 2024.

    The conference for technical writers is an event organized with the aim of gathering and uniting professionals involved in technical documentation. The event provides an opportunity to discuss current topics, trends, and best practices in the field of creating technical documentation and communication within technical domains.

    Key Topics

    • Methods and Approaches to Technical Documentation Development
    • Project/Product Documentation (user and administrator manuals, release notes, API descriptions, etc.)
    • Creating and Managing Knowledge Bases, Content Creation
    • Technical Writer Tools
    • Types of Standards and Working According to Standards
    • Application Localization
    • UX Texts and UX Editing
    • Documentation Quality Control
    • Cross-functional Collaboration with Other Departments
    • Hiring and Development, Training, Technical Writer Certification Programs, Professional Standards
    • Copyright in the Work of a Technical Writer

    Target Audience

    The conference will be helpful to a wide range of participants involved in the creation of technical documentation, including:

    1. Technical Writers. The conference provides an opportunity for technical writers to share experiences, learn new techniques and tools, and enhance their professional development in the field of technical writing.

    2. Architects. System and application architects can learn how to create technical documentation to help them better describe architectural decisions and implementations.

    3. Analysts. System and business analysts can learn how effective technical documentation can help them analyze and describe project/product requirements.

    4. Developers. Developers can learn how to properly interact with technical writers to ensure better documentation creation.

    5. Testers. Testers can learn how to use technical documentation to create better test scenarios and test reports.

    6. Technical Support Engineers. Project/product support engineers can learn how to create documentation that will facilitate the process of project/product support and maintenance.

    7. Project Managers. Project managers can learn how to organize and optimize the processes of creating and managing technical documentation to improve project quality.

    8. Product Managers. Product managers can gain insight into how effective technical documentation can improve customer and user perception of the product.

    9. Suppliers of Tools and Technologies. Companies that provide tools and technologies for creating and managing technical documentation can use the conference to promote their products and connect with potential customers.

    Why should I participate?

    • Communication
      Two days of intensive work with colleagues, you will be able to discover new solutions to the challenges facing you and your company.
    • Experience
      You can familiarize yourself with best practices and personally discuss the details that interest you with independent experts and representatives of leading IT companies.
    • Networking
      Informal interactions will provide you with information about the effectiveness and feasibility of specific solutions your company plans to use.
    • Discussions
      Participating in roundtable discussions and debates will enable you to view aspects of technical documentation from different perspectives, uncovering new possibilities for effective work.
    • Contacts
      New connections will help you tap into the vast experience of top experts in the field of technical documentation.
    • Learning
      A unique opportunity for learning and participation in workshops will allow you to enhance the quality of your work.
    • Change of Environment
      Working in a new setting will enable you to look at technical documentation development issues in a fresh light and make the most efficient use of your time for company development.
    • WiFi
      High-speed internet will allow you to perform real-time production tasks, even while attending presentations.
    • Privacy Policy
      We do not share participants' contact information with anyone. Therefore, you won't receive unsolicited job offers unless you choose to share your contact details with fellow conference attendees.

    For your convenience, a template letter for your management justifying your participation in the conference is provided below.

    TEMPLATE (Word)

    Why should Companies participate?

    • Gaining New Knowledge and Best Practices. The conference provides access to current trends, innovative tools, and best practices in the field of technical documentation. Companies can learn about new methods of documentation creation and implement them into their processes.
    • Employee Training. Participation of company employees in the conference serves as a form of continuous learning. Employees can enhance their knowledge and skills, which, in turn, can improve the quality and efficiency of technical documentation creation.
    • Experience Sharing and Networking. The conference offers a unique opportunity to exchange experiences with colleagues from other companies. This can help expand the professional network, discover new ideas and solutions, and establish potential partnerships.
    • Enhancing Company Visibility. Company participation as a conference partner can increase visibility and the dissemination of information about its products and services. It can also attract the attention of potential customers and partners.
    • Receiving Feedback. Companies can utilize conference opportunities to receive feedback from technical writers and other participants regarding the quality of their documentation. This enables improvements in product documentation and meets customer needs.
    • Fostering a Culture of Learning and Innovation. Participation in the conference contributes to the creation of a culture of learning and innovation within the company. Employees can return from the conference with new ideas and motivation to enhance processes and products.
    • Competitive Advantage. Companies that invest in the training and development of their technical writers can gain a competitive advantage by creating more high-quality and informative documentation for their products.

    By becoming a partner of the TechWriter Days conference, your company gains the opportunity to make a strong impression on a professional audience, showcasing your services, products, research results, and achievements. It's a chance to connect with the most active participants and invite them to collaborate.

    The status of a partner in a conference like TechWriter Days is a testament to the company's highest level of commitment to advancing product competitiveness through the adoption of cutting-edge approaches in technical documentation creation.

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